Father and son stand in front of the cabin while it’s snowing dressed in winter coats, hats, and surgical masks.
Dad and me. Photo by Andy Miller.

They say that places are never like you remember them. I’ve been on the road for twelve hours to see my dad for the first time since the pandemic started and I’m having difficulty recognizing my surroundings.

While this certainly isn’t my first trip back to Michigan, it feels different…

Mallard duckling in water. Photo by Andrea Lightfoot on Unsplash.

Dad had the dock replaced a couple summers back. It’s much straighter and sturdier now, the boards don’t sag, and there are fewer splinters sticking up at the ready to take aim at your soft, fleshy bare foot. …

The Colorado Drifter. Photo by Andy Miller.

In late April, I started out on a solo journey along the Appalachian Trail at Georgia’s Springer Mountain. I intended to spend the week hiking and camping alone and pushing myself through the first 87 miles of trail to North Carolina. I had it all mapped out, communicated plans (and…

Andy Miller

Dad. Husband. Adventurer. Follow my journey along the Appalachian Trail, in the thick of the Carolina wilderness, and back home in Michigan. HikingCarolina.com

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